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Year 11 Day 316 15:36
Hello, I just bought 6 NPCs, But i want to know, can they pilot a ship?

they have 4 yellow boxes,

man infront of a house = Resident
man on a chair = Idle
0 = 0 sp
A Red 7 = not autopaid.

So can they pilot a Cloakshape/H Fighter?

If anyone can help me here or over DM i would be very thankfull.


Year 11 Day 316 15:40
Xu Xlaar Vivan

No. Only pilot NPCs can pilot ships.

Year 11 Day 316 16:30
Actually not even Pilot NPC's can pilot ships at the moment.


Year 11 Day 316 16:47
Resident NPCs currently have no in-game function except to follow you around.

Year 11 Day 316 16:59
Xu Xlaar Vivan

What will they do?

Year 11 Day 316 18:05
Unknown at the moment. A lot of the civil NPCs were added for flavour and in game function was not thought of. A lot of these NPCs do not have a monthly cost associated with them.


Year 11 Day 316 18:17
Xu Xlaar Vivan

Target practice it is then.

Year 11 Day 317 3:46
Thanks for the help guy's, Were can i buy a pilot npc then?

Year 11 Day 317 3:59
The NPC rules have a list of the locations where you can buy specific NPC types, but as was already stated, Pilot NPCs cannot pilot any ships at this time.

Year 11 Day 317 5:29
yeah i read that, and thanks, were can i find the npc rules?

Year 11 Day 317 8:27
On the rules pages (link is on top of every page) ... from there it should be rather obvious.

Year 11 Day 317 8:29
Ahh... Thank You.