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Year 11 Day 316 17:29
Wrex Skarr

I put in a cuatom item for approval about three weeks ago and have yet to recieve any updates on its acceptance or decline, it is still in my inventory and my past events show no word on it either


Patriarch Of House Skarr
Leader Of Clan Hruk'Tu
Year 11 Day 316 18:10
The art team deals with custom images and custom items. You would have to contact a member of the art team to get a more prompt response.


Year 11 Day 316 18:28
Wrex, we are still unsure as to whether to accept or deny. On occasion we hit something like this, and we have not had time to meet up and discuss it. We apologize for any delays, but patience is usually rewarded.

Year 11 Day 316 23:24
Wrex Skarr

not a problem jevan, just wanted to make sure it wasnt forgotten


Patriarch Of House Skarr
Leader Of Clan Hruk'Tu
Year 11 Day 317 11:53
What is it? Seriously, you gotta tell me, I wanna know what takes 3 weeks for a Art to accept/deny:D


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 11 Day 317 12:30
Probably more drinks or drugs or a jacket made from ewok skin

Year 11 Day 317 15:05
No TIali, those are easy. But if Wrex allows it, I will post the questionable item.

Year 11 Day 317 15:26
An ewok skin jacket is easy?

/beckons to little furry Teniel to come into the back room