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Year 11 Day 321 20:12
I guess NPC's must have a union or something. I just realized I'm paying my one and only NPC to sit around and do nothing. It's a brawler that can't brawl. Why should I be obligated to pay a salary for something that is not functioning?

Granted 90% of the NPC's out there don't really function but folks collect them for whatever reason. I don't. I have one that I would like to use but can't and yet I'm still paying him.

Not that it's a huge amount that would break anyone's bank, just seems kinda silly.

Year 11 Day 321 20:57
Xavze Zavan

select NPC inventory and sort type unarmed brawler
select all>fire>process


Year 11 Day 321 23:43
Xu Xlaar Vivan

As simple as that.

Year 11 Day 322 0:11
People 'collect' them in the hopes that one day (soonTM) their purpose will be implimented (like pilots)

Ah thought you could pick a fight with your brawlers, but ah knew the NPC Brawler got broken sometime ago (something to do with the change with scripts), ah also figured the Unarmed Brawlers were different so just goes to show what little ah know

Year 11 Day 322 4:51
When the NPC salaries were introduced, brawlers did have a use, and so were paid. Since the script update Clarr hasn't got around to fixing the code to allow them to fight again due to more pressing coding issues (such as fixing bugs and helping with creature combat etc). If you really cannot pay the 10k or whatever it is each month (baring in mind that I think its been switched off the last few months as well), then why do you even have it? I would doubt that the extra 10-50 XP you may get from it would be worth it.


Year 11 Day 322 7:25
Not to sound more of an idiot, but is there a difference between a Brawler (like you used to find on the streets to pick a fight with) and an Unarmed Brawler?

Year 11 Day 322 7:45
Depending on what you mean, no. There is only one NPC that could be identified using the word 'brawler' and that is the unarmed brawler.


Year 11 Day 322 16:13
Ok, no worries then, so when the script is working again, ah should be able to spend time during Hyper by scrapping with mah UB's? (got confused with people just referring to them as 'Brawlers' and thought they were different)

Year 11 Day 322 18:01
Deleted Post
Deleted by Ellias Aubec. Reason: I don't like reading Tiali's posts because they make my eyes bleed
Year 11 Day 322 18:37
Perhaps the part where she conditioned her statement with "when the script is working again"?


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Year 11 Day 322 23:14
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Brawlers were renamed to Unarmed Brawlers at some point.

Year 11 Day 323 9:15
Dan Hakim

Mal, ypu don't have to fire your NPC. I have a worker stuck somewhere and I couldn't be bothered to pick it up, so I switched auto-pay wages off for that NPC, hoping they'd walk off (as happened to me a while ago) but after 3 months of no wages this 1 still haven't left me.

Another bug? I'm sure nobody's in a hurry to see it fixed though.


Year 11 Day 323 17:45
NPC salaries were switched off for the last few months. It was switched back on this month.


Year 11 Day 331 18:50
Ellias you mentioned gaining XP for paying NPC's im i right how does that work out ?


Year 11 Day 331 18:53
I think you're referring to the post where he talks about gaining XP from the brawler. In which case, the XP comes from fighting the brawler, not paying it. The original concern was that people were having to pay them while the script to brawl them (and therefore gain XP from them) is currently broken.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.