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Year 11 Day 328 18:07
Xu Xlaar Vivan

I have been using mIRC on my laptop for some time now. However I have recently gone to a giant dinosuar. I have re-downloaded mIRC however I can't get to SWC's server. I am using the guild however still nothing works.

Any help would be great.

Year 11 Day 328 22:43
Zero Turner

To set up mIRC, use the following instructions:
1. Under the FILE menu, click on SELECT SERVER
2. After the window pops up click on ADD
3. In the IRC Server window type in irc.swcombine.com
4. Port type is 6667
5. Once done click ADD then OK



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Year 11 Day 329 12:28
Xu Xlaar Vivan

Tried that. Nada.

Year 11 Day 329 15:09
What is the error that the server gives?

Are you on a corporate or university network that forbids IRC connections?

Year 11 Day 329 15:12
Xu Xlaar Vivan

Connect retry #99 irc.swcombine.com (6667)
* Unable to connect to server (Unknown Error

I'm at home.

Year 11 Day 331 3:14
Zero Turner

Plan B, see if another program works?

Well could try to utilize the firefox add-on of Chatzilla and see if that works.



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Year 11 Day 331 12:42
From a quick Googling it seems like Parental Controls may be your problem. Either disable them or try to set mIRC as an allowed program.

Year 11 Day 331 16:52
Daisuke Haines

Try Port #6668