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Year 11 Day 350 8:53
What The Maker is that at (10, 10) on Iona?

Can someone explain to me what it is and what happens if you fly into it otherwise I might hire a freelancer to try it out.

Iona: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Galaxy_Map&planetID=2310

Year 11 Day 350 9:33
I am betting its some kind of a black hole in atmosphere=D


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Year 11 Day 350 14:42
Looks like someone forgot a letter when making the planet...

Year 11 Day 350 16:25
Mingolo Mingolonio

A portal into another dimension.



Year 11 Day 350 20:00
Shuji Shizuka

I dare you to fly into it Herrick.

and if that dosen't kill...err....make you stronger,descend to the'surface' below it.


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Year 11 Day 351 1:01
Korvas Varik

I dare you to fly into it Herrick.

and if that dosen't kill...err....make you stronger,descend to the'surface' below it.

- Shuji Shizuka

Don't do it Herrick, it's a trap! Shuji uses that line to get new male lovers!


Year 11 Day 351 1:14
I'll do it!

....when combat comes out.


Year 11 Day 351 7:16
Darian Dash

Secret dovin basal project gone wrong :)

Or have you been letting a herd or Nerfs graze for too long.


Year 11 Day 352 8:55
I'd love to know what did happen to someone who flew into it.

If you don't do it Kira then I'll probably pay some newbie to do it, as an expedition thing.

Year 11 Day 352 10:39
Xu Xlaar Vivan

How much ya willing to pay?

/me wants to go into planet side blackhole

Year 11 Day 352 16:26
I am in favour of Xu attempting to sacrifice himself to check this out, and will start the pot with 100k.


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Year 11 Day 352 16:53
Korvas Varik

I'll throw in 100k


Year 11 Day 352 19:24
Do it!!

Now what admin did this int he first place



Year 11 Day 356 23:23
Though fascinatingly bizarre, this is not a unique phenomenon and I wager it goes back to earlier iterations of the game (ca. Holocom/ICIS era; so 7-10 years ago) and potential hiccups in the conversion process to Darkness. Personally I hope for the continued existence of these glitches - they prove to us that even though hidden systems may be no more, the galaxy hides many a secret yet to be discovered.

Here be dragons! :)



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