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Haroku Star

I have a depleted mine and would like to reprospect.

Can it be done?

Do i need to recycle the old mine before i prospect again?

The original deposit was found with comp-ops 4 and a squad of hogs.

Can i prospect again with the same stats/squad and still find anything?


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yes, no, yes.

I believe that once you deplete a desposit a new one is created - just the type may change. All you need to do is reprospect it again.


Haroku Star

Thanks for the quick replies :)

Is a new deposit always created? , i mean , is it certain i will find something new?
Or does it become random again?


I've heard you should always find a new deposit on a depleted deposit... but don't quote me on that.

And just cross your fingers and hope it's not RockIvory...

Yep, last time this came up Clarr said that if there was a deposit before then its guaranteed to get another one. Just the material type is re-rolled so you may end up with a completely useless mat.


I said no such thing. You may however have interpreted incorrectly as that.


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Haroku Star

Which part was interpreted incorrect?

Prospecting should start in the next 12 hours , let you know how it goes :)
Thanks for all the help.


Admins really need to get their mind clear on this, every time anybody asks about reprospecting I read something different. We'd all like to know the final and correct answer=D


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Haroku Star

Found exactly the same RM and amount as last time (13K Rudic)
So much for a random reroll.
At least i can deplete and reprospect in a few more weeks.


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

That's pretty funny. It *is* randomly generated. You're very lucky ^_^

Azhrarn Amaratha

yup.. and for those interested.. you wont find a new deposit automaticly, i have an example of a deposit that has gone permanently dead. (scanned with comp ops 5 and 12 ground hogs) well unless this is one the secret precursor kind of vein that requires comp ops 6 or better sensors than 12 ground hogs. :P


Not even the sky is the limit !
Why cant the final answer ever be posted on the RULES page. In clear, simple, easy to understand Basic. Id write it myself if I knew everything for certain. Which I dont because it is not posted anywhere.
So far as I can grasp there is never a guarantee of finding a deposit anywhere, but a deposit *could* theoretically be found in every single square.
If you scan with a certain number of sensors at a certain CompOps level you will NEVER* (*unless the system bugs, which it has in the past) be able to find anything when you rescan.
You will either need to add more sensors, or raise the compops level. Or both. But then no one will ever be able to come back and scan with fewer and find anything.
Once you reach CompOps of 5 and 12 groundhogs there is no current possible way to discover the deposit.
INSOFAR As I Know, this is how the system calculates.
If you started out with compops 0 and a single FK-7 and kept increasing sensors
1 FK-7
2 FK-7
3 FK-7
1 Groundhog (4 FK-7)
5 FK-7
6 FK-7
7 FK-7
2 Groundhog (8 FK-7)
9 FK-7
10 FK-7
11 FK-7
3 Groundhog (12 FK-7)
4 Groundhog
5 Groundhog
THEN switched to CompOps 1, Single FK-7 and repeat the cycle
(actually, pre-edit I think compOps 1, single FK-7 beats out CompOps 0, 12 Groundhogs. Id have to check but I havent done the math in a while
..... *time passes*
Yeah skip the 1 FK-7 after going to next compops level.

Using the chart, each time you scan you have that number times the terrain %
Black Hole Terrain 0%
Cave 10%
Crater 8%
Desert 5%
Forest 3%
Gas Giant 3%
Glacier 1%
Grassland 2%
Jungle 4%
Mountain 10%
Ocean 2%
River 4%
Rock 8%
Sun Terrain 0%
Swamp 4%
Volcanic 0%

And that is the percent chance you have of finding some random deposit.
You can never choose or affect the type of deposit found, but you can look up what mats will spawn on what specific terrain and search for the kind you want on the terrain you want. The deposit is random and will only spawn and be discovered if your scan % passes.
SO, to MAXIMIZE your chance of finding a deposit on EVERY tile, you would have to have 6 pilots with compOps 0-5, and starting with 1 fk-7, you scan and add sensors 1 step at a time from 1 FK-7 to 12 groundhogs (start new/improved CompOps pilot after that, skipping 1 FK-7 step and go straight to 2 FK-7s.)
This means each pilot gets about 20 scans if nothing is found first. This method would take a LOT of time, and a good amount of money, but it seems a nearly fool-proof way of exposing the mats on every tile.
With well over 100 possible scans before the CompOps 5, 12 Groundhog limit, and the MINIMAL % chance to find a deposit being 2.122% (CompOps 0 1 FK-7 on Glacier increasing to 4.81%) you are almost guaranteed to find something eventually.

If anyone knows anything wrong about this above explanation please do tell.
--Arch, out.

So if this is true, I would recommend against hiring someone with compOps 5, 12 groundhogs because it is likely they are only going to find a few deposits then make it impossible to ever get to the rest. If you hire someone start smalllll and work up.

Edited By: Arch Terkan on Year 12 Day 3 7:34
Mua`Dib Xarda

Actually I believe you can do the scanning in reverse, or completely random, as well. Starting with 5 CO and 12 hogs/FK's and then descending all the way to 0 CO and 1 FK/hog. The slab/tile only remembers that you've scanned it certain ways i.e. 5 CO with 12 hogs or 5 CO and 11 hogs.

You can therefore scan down in any pattern or just at random. But each scan will be remembered by the slab/tile until you finally run out of options i.e. you've scanned it with 1 to 12 hogs and FK's, and the combination of both, with CO 5. By then you'd be sure that CO 5 is ruled out and can try again in the same way with CO 4-0.


Why on earth would you scan with less than 12 hogs and a com ops 5 guy? You take up more time for no benefit at all. Prospecting works by a threshold level system. If you're combined comp ops/sensors are high enough to beat the value assigned by the server to that grid square, you find the material. It doesn't regenerate the value each time you scan - its decided once and never changed unless the deposit is depleted.


Azhrarn Amaratha

Well he is correct about the fact that the rulespage suggests a completely different working of the prospecting system than it is in reality. (likely due to changes made over the years in how it works?)

It talks about chance but there is no chance at all.. there either is a deposit or there isnt and you will either find the deposit or you can never find it with attempted current comp op level and/or sensor amount no matter how many times you try.

kinda returns to the question can the server assign a threshold to a square that is higher than comp ops 5 + 12 ground hogs worth of sensors? (preparing for prospecting vehicles with more sensors than a ground hog)

Edited By: Azhrarn Amaratha on Year 12 Day 4 6:40

Not even the sky is the limit !
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Of course it can.

Darian Dash

I just re-prospected our depleted Mel mine at comp-ops 4 using a squad of hogs (which is what i used to find the Mel)
I found 145k Varm this time.


Helena Gladio

I ordered a depleted square to be reprospected with a level 5 comp op and 12 hogs, result: Zero...



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Haroku Star

Random generator has a sense of humour !!

My rudic mine started with 16k and was mined till depleted.

After reprospecting i found rudic again with 16k.

After depleting it again and reprospecting guess what.
I found rudic again but only 13k this time.

Hope i have the same luck with our Varium mine LOL :)


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