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Archives » Depleted Mine - reprospecting questions
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it's like a packet of TimTams that never runs out!


Haroku Star

I'll let you know in 2-3 weeks when i mine it dry and reprospect.


Thread necro, I know.

I recall a somewhat lengthy conversation with Sin about a year ago, that supported Arch's findings and denied Ellias' claim. That the "roll" is calculated at prospecting time, not when the planet was created.

Well again, it would be nice to have some official, final word on this that gets posted in the Rules.
--Arch, out.

Clarification: I now side with Ellias. Sorry Arch.

I have comp ops 5, and I have re scanned many depleted mines. Most of the time you will find a new deposit, but there have been a few times where the mine was empty after re scanning.

Indeed, which basically means that this threshold system isn't actually how it's designed!

You know Clarr, you could just explain how it works rather than just saying "No, its not how you think" and then disappear again until this discussion pops up again. Considering the amount of mining and prospecting that is going on its an important thing to know.


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You don't have to know the exact mechanics of plant growth to be able to grow plants, just sayin'. Anyone that does a lot of mining and prospecting should have a working knowledge of how it works.

Ok, here's exactly how it works.

Sometimes you get a deposit when prospecting and sometimes you don't.
Sometimes you get a deposit when reprospecting and sometimes you don't.

Problem solved!

Haroku Star

Guess what?

Depleted and reprospected again with same comp-ops and hogs.
Found 13,410 Rudic again.

I think the random generator is broke.


Or maybe that planet is just one big ball of Rudic

Next time, give it a week or so before re-prospecting, and clean out your cache or something (don't know if it will actually do anything, but it shouldn't hurt, should it?)

Your cache wouldn't have anything to do with it...

It might. >.>



So long, and thanks for all the fish...
Cache shouldn't have anything to do with your ETA getting stuck in a 59sec loop either, but that was one of the possible culprits suggested by those supposedly in the know (and like ah said, it shouldn't hurt, unless you want/need to keep mining Rudic)

They only said that because they had no clue how to fix it. It has nothing to do with your cache and determined entirely by when the server wants to start working properly again.

In this instance, if you don't find anything, well then it's just dumb-awful luck.


So long, and thanks for all the fish...
Haroku Star

Give it another 3 weeks and I'll try again.
I'll empty the cache and throw some varium inside ;)
Just in case.

My friend should be comp ops 5 by then , might get him to try.


Haroku Star


I thought you meant the cache as in the RM's still inside the mine.
Not the cache on my pc :P

Though i may still try my idea.
I have a Varm mine depleting in 15 mins so i'll empty its storage and throw some Varium and quantum in to see what happens.

I'll get it prospected again in a few days and post again.

Anyone need some rudic :)
I'll do a good deal on a large order.


Haroku Star

Varm mine came up empty :(
I'll get comp ops 5 done on it in a few weeks.


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