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Archives » Is there an option to (train or) craft item, for more time for same XP? a option to craft for 6 hours for double XP (20)

or 12 hours for around quad XP? (40)

Because i can't keep pressing the craft button every 3 hrs; it would be nice if there was a 12 hr craft button.. any plans for that in the future, per chance?

keeping with the whole, delayed real time thing.

No, that would be too easy. Keycards were only supposed to be used as a way to open doors, not an infinite XP whoring tool. So it is merely limiting the amount of XP you get by how active you are.

oh ok, thx. i guess for key cards it's not really needed then, nvm.

Samael Darkfire

What do I need to make keycards? Is it just a Crafting Kit?


Christian Hall


Samael Darkfire

Can I make keycards with a Crafting Kit while in hyperspace? The mean ship won't give me any XP for traveling between rooms, so I desperately need another method to earn XP.

P.S. Any other tips to earn XP while trapped in hyperspace will be greatly appreciated. :)


You can build doors and craft keycards while in hyperspace, you just need the corresponding tools to do so. Why the need for XP? Not like leveling brings you that many benefits.

Samael Darkfire

I need better skills for one. Becoming Force Sensitive would also be nice.


Vrik Dakari

Pfft. Good luck with that!

Everyone needs goals Vrik, and while long hyper trips reward you with nice amount of exp, you are still trapped onboard with not much to do

I need better skills too, but I stupidly decided not to resart early on. So I am level 10 with 2 skills at 3. Skills are not that useful to level up.