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Archives » Been brushing up on the rules?
Year 11 Day 362 20:03
Kyp Arkanus

I've recently been doing a little bit of research into the actual rules of the combine and it's features. Several things have caught my attention, however, one which I just encountered facinates me. I'm not all that experienced in the combine, (about a year in) but I understand that for a person to make or create anything they need 3 things, the facilities to make it, the raw materials to make it, and the data card to make it. The last is the object of my question. In the rules it says that if you have a dc , and I assume if it's in a r&d station or lab, then you can modify or advance the technology. So does this mean that if, say a faction has a dc for the yt-1300, if they dedicate some time and have it at a r&d station that eventually they will have a dc for a YT-1300 with a hyperspeed of 7 instead of 6? Like I said, I'm still fairly new, and I'm sure these rules were probably written at the beginning of it all, I just want to know if this is something that is "coming" like combat, or is this not the case at all. Hope you understand my question. Thanks.

Year 11 Day 362 20:25
R&D remains Soon(TM). However, custom datacard images are implemented.



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Year 11 Day 362 20:26
It's probably based on an older concept of R&D, and may or may not be the case when the feature is actually implemented. It is generally hoped for that it will be possible to improve existing designs as well as create new ones, but it's not guaranteed until R&D is coded and released.


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Year 11 Day 362 21:32
Kyp Arkanus

Groovy, thanks.


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Year 11 Day 362 21:43
R&D will be a tech tree. So stats will be fixed. If slight modifications are allowed when R&Ding a new branch, that will be a later addition to the R&D feature.


Year 12 Day 6 20:39
Dan Hakim

Ellias, does that mean that R&D will produce (in the earlier stages, at least)
A) New entities or
B) Groups will be able to create their own DC of existing entities?

So, for example will someone researching a toolkit, make toolkit v2.0, new tool-type item, or just their own copy of the toolkit DC?


Year 12 Day 7 13:57
There are three different forms of R&D as the dev team has seen:

R&D: This will allow for new entities to be added to the game based on a clump/tech tree idea

Reverse Engineering: This allows groups to take already made technology and create their own DC of the technology.

Upgrading: Advancement and improvements over the base model in the rules.

It has not been fully decided which of these will be added, when or if. This was merely a breakdown of how it has been viewed.

Year 12 Day 7 17:59
The order on the dev wiki while I was ASim was R&D first, with the other two a possibility for later on.


Year 12 Day 8 3:08
Dan Hakim

Is there not a risk of new entity creation via R&D leading SWC further from canon?


Year 12 Day 8 3:11
Not if it's tech tree based, as intended, no.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 12 Day 8 4:40
You do not have free reign to R&D just anything, it has to basically be pre-approved

Year 12 Day 8 5:33
Correction, you will have pretty much no say in the stats, look etc of what you R&D. Admins will determine the stats much like the CP ships that get introduced. Art Team will make the images. Tech tree will mean that you can only get those ships.


Year 12 Day 8 6:35
Though I admit, I've long wondered... If you research, is it generic like "Fighter/Capship/Freighter"? Or is it more detailed like... Fighter > Bomber or Fighter > Interceptor.

I mean, I'd be a little upset if I was trying to get a heavy bomber and instead got an interceptor or SSF.

Year 12 Day 8 8:11
Well you'll be able to see several steps up the tree so you can plan slightly ahead of where you are.


Year 12 Day 8 12:45
Actually, from what was discussed at dev, thats not quite right. At the very basic center you will have fighter/freighter/capital, but broken down more. From there, you would have something called "clumps" - eneties group into similar groups, like a YT clump. You would put your time and research into a class, and would get something out of a clump depending on skills and the how the system works. If you already had something from a clump, you could use that to research specifically within that clump, more or less.

This was a generic overview and can be changed at any time, and therefore this is merely used as an illustration of how it was planned at one time.