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Archives » Need to contact the owner of YT-1210 Mistaken Identity
Hi, i recently came back to the combine after a 2 year absence and i have no idea where i left off, or who currently owns the ship i'm on. The problem is, i know longer work for the faction that originally gave me access and eversince it was taken over i've been locked out. Bearing in mind i've been away for the combine for 2 years, so help is much appreciated ;)

Best thing to do is track down the new owners and talk to them. They can either give you access to fly it, or just tell you your location so you can arrange for someone to fly to you and pick you up.

To do that, you can either remember which faction took over your old one, or post in the Traders Lounge asking if anyone has knowledge about the ship. If you post which faction you used to work for, likely somoene will remember which faction its become now.



Do you know what system you're in? If not, do you have an item with you? If so, you can check it in your inventory and then select "Show on Galactic Map" from the combo-box at the bottom of the page. That'll show you what system you're in. You can also export your inventory to a CSV file (use "Export" in the top left of the screen). That'll show you exactly where you are.

Once you know what system you're in, just look on the Galactic Map to find out who owns that system. Then contact the owners of the system, someone there should be able to scan the ship and tell you the owner.

You might also post the system you're in and ship name here - someone who reads this may be nearby.

Ah nice one, thanks for the help guys.

YT-1210 Mistaken Identity

Sector: Maldrood
System: Anzat (307, 118)
System Position: (0, 10)