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Year 12 Day 4 5:23

i made an account and it was accepted but to the site "You have entered either the handle or password incorrectly. Please log in again" i'v done this many times

Taltin Angis

Year 12 Day 4 5:28

ANd when i try the lostpassword thing it says invalid email i know thats the one i put it down for becuase thats where i got the welcome email

Taltin Angis

Year 12 Day 4 5:30

yes im using fireefox

Taltin Angis

Year 12 Day 4 6:44
There is no account with the handle Taltin Angis in the database or new account queue. Are you sure you received an email with an acceptance message and your initial password and not just one confirming that your account was added to our queue?

All new accounts have to be approved by a member of the administration, thus you usually get a "welcome" email first, confirming that your account data was entered into our queue. Once someone processes the account, you then either get a message with your initial password or one with a declination message detailing why your account was rejected.

Please check your email acount for another message and/or try to sign up again.

Year 12 Day 4 13:50

Taltin Angis, thank you for signing up with the Star Wars Combine. Your
application has been approved by our administrators, you can now log into the website and access all of its features.


Handle: Taltin Angis

Password: ********


It is recommended that you read through our comprehensive guide to the Combine (//guide.swcombine/) as well as the games technical
Rules (dev.swcombine/rules) pages before playing, as it will provide you with the feel of the game. Once you're ready, you're invited to log into
the site and create your character, be warned though - you cannot fix mistakes, or change your character after they are created.
So be careful when choosing your race or assigning your skills.

A lot of the interaction between players occurs on the SWC irc server (irc.swc-irc.),
and you are encouraged to participate in both In-Character and Out-of-Character discussion here. You may use the Combine's Java applet
(swcombine.com/community/chat/java), or use a standalone client such as mIRC . There are two basic channels,
#swc-members for general in and out-of-character chatter and #swc-traders.

Because some of our members do not speak English as their
first language, we try to keep a list of all the players who speak other languages - You are encouraged to check the list to see if any
other players speak your native language, so you may communicate with others comfortably, and find similar interests

If you encounter any difficulties or questions, you can either seek Real Time help on
the irc server in the #swc-help channel, or you can post a message on the Help Forum (.swcombine.com/forum/forum.php?forumID=92),
which can take anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 hours, to get an answer.

On behalf of the entire Star Wars Combine; Welcome!

Taltin Angis

Year 12 Day 4 14:15
I seen a request today for the name, and accepted it. Please try to log in again and see if there is any issues.

Year 12 Day 4 14:21
Taltin Angis
Taltin Angis
i know that shouldve been the 2nd join request AND it works as you can see, thank you so much i owe you one

Year 12 Day 4 17:44
Taltin Angis
Taltin Angis
this can be deleted now

Year 12 Day 5 5:36
Yes it can, since you have been perma Banned.


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 12 Day 5 7:23

its been more then 30 days ya idiot actually its been about 2-3 months since iv even been on SWC

Year 12 Day 5 15:55
Really? IP's don't lie:
Guys! Look! We have a new village idiot!
(Posted by Jenos on Year 12 Day 4 5:11)

You may remember back on Year 11 Day 326...

Tutan Raa , Anatolia Raa , Jill Fyier (Illegaly Registered Multi)

Well, despite the 30 day ban wait being up, this very same guy decided to circumvent the ban yesterday, registering with the handle Taltin Angis.

Most people would've realised that creating multi accounts gets you banned, after all these Sim News posts about it, and after actually getting banned, but it seems that this guy is extra special.

So, instead of having his account unbanned, and being allowed to play again, the ban has been extended indefinitely.

Complaints on a postcard to the following address:

I Don't Care
You Cheated

Year 12 Day 5 19:58
Day 326 + 30 day ban = ban lifted Day 356

Not argueing about the final decision (as there were other factors attributing to the perma-ban) just pointing out why he thought it might be ok to try again