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Year 12 Day 4 7:13
Coci Sinopi

I have been reading the problems that some of the others have had with mIRC and I believe that I have the same.

My computer was recently attacked by a Malware and I have since fixed that problem. But ever since then I have not been able to get into mIRC, I get the message unable to connect to server (permission denied). I think this mybe a security problem.

Can anyone tell me where to look to fix it? I am not at Uni, so that not the problem.

Cheers Coci


Year 12 Day 4 12:20
Permission denied sounds like a firewall issue. You might double check that mIRC is on your firewall's list of applications allowed to access the internet.


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Year 12 Day 4 14:17
Also, make sure parental controls are disabled.

Year 12 Day 6 20:00
Coci Sinopi

Thank you for all these suggestions, I have tried them all and none worked. I still get permission denied.

I do have javascript on my computer will that stop mIRC working? if so where and what do i have to do?

Cheers Coci


Year 12 Day 7 15:10
Javascript shouldn't affect it at all. Are you able to connect to IRC using the Java chat on the page?

Have you tried completely uninstalling and re-installing mIRC?

Have you tried an alternate IRC client, like the Chatzilla add-on for Firefox (I think that's what it's called)?


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Year 12 Day 7 16:46
Coci Sinopi

Thanks for the information

Yes I have reinstall mIRC and I get the same message. Also Java does not work either. computer not allowing that.

I will try Chatzilla

Cheers Coci