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Year 12 Day 4 15:33
Xu Xlaar Vivan

I was wondering. If i told someone the coords of where i would be, killed them, they respawned then came to kill me, would it break the OOC/IC rules by using coords learned by their past player (who has no connection to their current)?

Year 12 Day 4 16:33
Why would you be sitting there for three weeks?

Year 12 Day 4 17:25
Leigh Kellan

Perhaps couples sun-diving would work great for you! :D


Year 12 Day 4 18:05
Xu Xlaar Vivan

No, I myself am not in trouble. I simple wish to know.

Year 12 Day 4 18:14
The problem, as with the vast majority of IC/OOC separation issues, is proving it.


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Year 12 Day 4 20:36
IC/OOC separation is a myth.


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Year 12 Day 4 20:52
Christian Hall

Right David!

I mean Drexel.

Year 12 Day 5 17:20
Xu Xlaar Vivan

I could use a real answer....

Year 12 Day 5 19:04
Zero Turner

Hal and Weylin did answer it.

1) Why would one stay in the same coordinates as your past execution for 3 weeks. Not to mention you'd still need the privs there to do such an execution.

2) It would be hard to prove IC/OOC separation.

3) Most likely won't happen, so this question in particular can't be answered specifically as the scenario is highly unlikely.

4) One could also say that they got the intel from another member, i.e. if you had told someone you were meeting someone at (X,X) then you got those coords from them... but the whole IC/OOC separation is hit/miss. As it all appears to be a judgment call Admins need to make not to mention proof of some kind will be needed to justify it.

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