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Nah Olos
Nah Olos
Year 12 Day 5, 12:01 You recovered 10 HP (12.82%) from using a Healing Stick. 

Took some damage doing a door, decided this was a decent time to earn that achievement. So I hit myself with a healing stick, but did not get the achievement points for it.

This isn't a time delayed achievement by any chance is it?

Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Tarkil Gwiek`Ukh
Probably just a broken achievement. Like Leave room, Leave a building, Hail, Leave a planet, Hyperspace travel and probably some more that I haven't tried yet.


I would guess that any of the achievements gained by using the position interface or travel have not yet been fixed. I believe they were broken when they updated the respective features and have not been added in to the new format.


Nah Olos
Nah Olos
Alright guys. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Ellias, would you know if we'll be rewarded retroactively, when it is fixed?

I doubt it Nah.

Nah Olos
Nah Olos
Thanks Jevon... I'm sure I can create another scenario where I get to drop a door on my head, so it's no biggie..

Thanks again guys.

someone can close this whenever they deem ready.