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Archives » Faction creation question.
Year 12 Day 10 8:32
I read once, a long time ago, IC history you couldn't use a dead(handle)/fake name, is that still true?
"Me and Joe Bob were talking about making a company, but before we could make it reality he passed away. Now at such and such a time, in his memory the company was named after him Joe Bob's XXXXX company."


Recruiter for Black Nebula Engineering.
Year 12 Day 10 13:39
I never heard of that rule before, and many factions have mentioned deceased characters if they're somehow affiliated with said faction.

Year 12 Day 10 14:37
Use all the names you want in descriptions/histories, but preferably not in the name.

Year 12 Day 17 4:59
Dan Hakim

To follow on from this, we have a section on our forum that details how every member became part of the group, including the owners forming the partnership at the start.

If we copied this to a website, would this count as the IC history text requirement, if we were to go faction? It's a lot more than 150 words.


Year 12 Day 17 5:01
I'd say so ... it's basically what most faction post as their history.