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Year 12 Day 12 12:09
Kyp Arkanus

I currently would like to edit a couple of npc that I own, I want to change the pic for both, and I know that can be done from the cp exchange page, however, I would also like to rename one, if possible, and the edit npc link seems to be broken, can anyone offer any help please?


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Year 12 Day 12 14:03
NPCs cannot be renamed.

Year 12 Day 12 16:42
you'll be probably better off spawning your NPCs, you can pick their names.


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Year 12 Day 12 20:08
The NPC Edit page has been broken for some time now, can't even view other images for them let alone change their appearance (at least for the free generic pics)

As Jevon and Lady Lilith said, the only way to change the name of an NPC is to spawn them yourself

Year 12 Day 12 20:13
Only works for Custom NPCs. Other types there is no way you can rename them.


Year 12 Day 13 18:38
Kyp Arkanus

Renaming only works on custom npc's? Or naming at all only works on custom npc's?


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Year 12 Day 13 18:45
Christian Hall


Year 12 Day 14 0:08
Can someone post a bug report about not being able to change NPC images? Used to be able to but no longer

Year 12 Day 14 0:15
Tiali, whats stopping you other than laziness?

Kyp, naming. When you spawn a custom NPC, you choose its name, gender, race and submit an image url for it to use.


Year 12 Day 20 8:00
Kyp Arkanus

I would like to put in a request to have this name be accepted for a custom npc that I wish to create, Kalladewbecca. I have learned that the Admins or Asim would possibly be open to changing the name for me, however, I have sent dm's to a couple of ASims, and I know that you are busy, but I have yet to receive a reply, so this is me asking again. Can you please make this name ok? If I need to create the npc first, just let me know. I will name him Kalla dewbecca, with one space in it, all that needs to happen then is to have the space removed. Please let me know if this is acceptable, thanks.


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Year 12 Day 35 5:13
Kai Oryk

Dude, submit a Wookiee custom NPC named 'Kalladewbecca', which follows the Custom NPC rules and it will be accepted.

For future reference, instead of messaging the ASims about it, either message a member of the NPC Team or just submit the NPC and see what happens - I look at the submission pages a number of times per day anyway, so I can safely say you'll get a reply within 24 hours.



Year 12 Day 35 19:04
Kai, the system seems to refuse him his single name NPC. I know I have accepted some one name NPCs, so either it was a mor recent bug with the system, or just him. Hence why he was saying he would submit as 2 names to get it spawned, then ask an ASim to change the name to what he originally wanted.