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A number of ships such as the YT-2000, YG-4210 and CR-90A are CP exchange ships marked in the rules section with a CP price and the statement "Only available through CP exchange." However these same ships have a faction listed as one of the producers or datacard holders. Will these factions actually hold the data card and be able to produce these CP exchange ships?


The ships on the CP exchange were not assigned to a producer when the page was last reorganised. The datacard hand out occured after that, and changed which ships are produceable and which aren't. The CP ships will be changed at some point before construction.


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Jimbo Jon

I am a noob so how do you by a ship with the cp exchange


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Zero Turner


Click all sites there and you gain a lil over 100 CPs every 24 hours


is where you exchange those CPS for 5 credits per CP or get CP ships/vehicles..those must be purchased on the surface of a planet



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Tantis Darkshadow

Can i get a datacard for production on my own factory

You'll have to either R&D your own ship/vehicle/item/weapon/droid and get a datacard when doing so, or you can ask a production faction to assign a datacard to your factory. Even then, a production faction has to be involved in using that datacard to produce the item, as a freelancer you won't be able to do that.


Steve Delta

What does R&d stand for

Ferrick Casant

Older thread but R&D stands for research and development =D


Steve Delta