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Year 12 Day 13 15:38
Milenko Carnage

When I donated it said that I could trade cp for credits. Where do I go to do that?

Year 12 Day 13 15:44
I believe we removed it, as the exchange rate was a pitiful 5 credits per CP. Not worth your CPs, believe me. Save up for a ships/vehicle and sell it if you need the money, but otherwise join a faction and let them supply everything you need, and they will pay you too.

Year 12 Day 13 20:02
I got a good sum of credits off of CPs. You just need to save up for some type of asset, then sell it. Also you can make custom items to use in RP. A fancy suit or a black jacket, fancy glass vase, a 6 pack of beer... Custom NPCs are useful for various things, but cannot perform special tasks like building or Ahlazi Farming. You can also give them talking scripts.

Either way CPs are valuable, maybe even the most valuable of all things currently. Use them wisely...

Year 12 Day 14 4:44
To answer the broader question you go here:


And then follow the directions for whatever you want to exchange CPs for.

The link can be found again by clicking on your CPs, and then the [Exchange CPs] button.

Year 12 Day 15 7:01
Dan Hakim

Just don't bother even thinking of exchanging CPs for credits! One of the biggest disappointments I had during my early time in the game was when I accidentally exchanged 2000 CPs for credits, took me a while to even realise that there was an extra 10k credits, don't make the same mistake...


Year 12 Day 15 7:41
With 2000 CPs you could get a vehicle and sell it on the CPM or a few droids (That's my Trade, so don't even think about it)

Nah I'm Joking. Feel free to get as many droids as you want. I barely get a chance to sell stuff due to constantly moving everywhere anyway.