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Year 12 Day 17 9:49

I'm quite new, but have managed to pilot a ship from A to B. It's now been taken over by another faction member, and I am on it. That's fine.

What I'd like to know - and I can't find it in any of the literature - is whether there is a way that I can find out where I am. I don't mean that I am in a ship, I mean where in the Universe I am. Nothing seems to show on the Galaxy map.

I'm used to RPG games, and there's always a button that shows with an icon or something where in the "world" you are.

Thanks in advance,

Jon Cal

Year 12 Day 17 11:21
Unless you have control of the entity are or are explicitly told, there are very few ways to figure out where you are. Adds to the fun of kidnapping/secrecy.

Year 12 Day 17 13:25
Thank you Jevon for that reply. I'm assuming then that when I'm actually piloting a ship or something, there's a way to know where you are and how far along your route you have got. Some sort of graphic display on a map, perhaps?

Year 12 Day 17 13:39
I am not at home right now or I would give you a screenshot.

In sublight or ground travel it will show you on a map your general location. But in hyperspace, your only method of knowing "where" you are is based on the timer below your general information panel. Mine says:

Onboard the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser JC Valiant
ETA: 13H 27M 51S

So in 13 hours I will arive, so in comparison to my 9-day fly time I am fairly close (hooray!) Otherwise aborting and dropping into realspace is a gamble because you do NOT know where you are.

Year 12 Day 17 14:51
Thanks, you're a star. Yes, it was hyperspace that I was meaning. That's a shame really - it would be good to have your position marked on the galaxy map by means of a blinking cursor or something. Shouldn't be too difficult. I might suggest it when I've got into the game a bit!

All best,

Jonno C.

Year 12 Day 17 17:48
Its been designed to not let you know - otherwise it would already be available.