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Year 12 Day 17 10:19
Hello, I recently recieved an email saying that my registration request was received and approved, but i can't login using firefox or IE. My handle is 'Jon Poi'.

Year 12 Day 17 10:20
And i have tried all the steps in the login sticky.

Year 12 Day 18 15:40
Year 12 Day 18 21:31
What is the error message you are getting when you try to log in?


Year 12 Day 19 0:39
You have entered either the handle or password incorrectly. Please log in again.

Year 12 Day 19 3:36
Need to type in your password correctly, taking into account upper and lower case since they do make a difference. I think you would of been sent an itial password in your acceptance email. You can always use the forgotten password option to have it resent if you have lost it.


Year 12 Day 19 12:42
Well, yes of course, i've been sent a handle confirmation/initial password to use, but i suspect there was a registration problem, as the given handle/password don't work, and when i use the lost password thing, my email isn't recognized.

Year 12 Day 19 16:58
If your e-mail isn't recognised, try putting in another join request. Put in the multi field something like "previous confirmation" and post the handle you requested here. Then we can check and see if you're matching anything already in the database, and see what needs to be done next.


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Year 12 Day 19 19:14
I just tried to put in another join request, but it says my email is already in use.

"An error occured: Email address already in use, we require a unique email address per player."

Year 12 Day 19 22:34
Please try now.


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Year 12 Day 20 18:40
Ok thanks, works now.

Year 12 Day 103 18:04
Mine still doesn't work

Year 12 Day 166 6:25
I try to log in but it's says "You must have cookies enabled to log in to Star Wars Combine :: Game Guide." and I have no idea what cookies is. Please help.