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Year 12 Day 18 3:50
Dan Hakim

What is the reason for the rule that stops you travelling from system to a neighbouring system in the same manner that you can cross terrain on a planet?

There are canon examples, like Han & Leia getting to Bespin without a functioning hyperdrive.

It would seem to me, to be the most logical way of avoiding/escaping Interdictors, too. I'm sure there must be some gameplay-based reasoning but I haven't been able to see it yet...


Year 12 Day 18 6:20
It might be the fact that the gap between systems is actually much greater than they appear, that's why you have to hyper-hop

Year 12 Day 18 8:42
Wow, for once Tiali is actually close to the real answer!

Pretty much, because the distances between adjacent systems would require month long cross-terrain times or so. That and its a game balance thing as well. Was brought up as an alternative fix for Interdictor covered systems and escaping.


Year 12 Day 18 10:09
I calculated the approximate distance between system squares in SWC before, and if we used any number close to a realistic representation of the size of the galaxy you'd be traveling for at least a year to get from one square to the next.

Year 12 Day 18 12:50
'Calculations' and supporting canon evidence aside, the question is: should ships without hyper be able to escape a system?

It would be nice to be able to travel square by square without hyper at reasonable time delays, some 12h to 72hrs, as long as the delay keeps said escaping ships visible in the system until the delay is done (not dissapear when initiated), and said ships appear with a directional arrow so other ships can follow it that seems like a better system than what we have now.

It wont be considered because its 'complicated', not because of realism, because its actually unreal that you cant escape the system only because that space between systems is not coded.