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Year 12 Day 18 18:06
Jafar Darkstalker

I just have a quick question. ive noticed for acouple years now when you travel somewhere, mostly in a city, that when the timer goes to zero, it goes back up to 59 secs and then ends. Why does it do this? why not just say that travel is gonna take an extra minute instead of lying to me?

Year 12 Day 18 18:13
The travel completion script runs every 3 (I think) minutes. But it calculates your ETA based on the actual distance, ignoring the time the script runs. So sometimes it gets to the end of your travel time, and finds it has another minute until the completion script runs, so the timer resets to a minute.

It's not trying to lie to you, it just isn't sure when the script is going to run, until it gets there.


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Year 12 Day 18 18:16
Jafar Darkstalker

Aha that explains it. It only happens when i move 2 or 3 squares in a city, so that makes alot of sense.

Thanks for answering :D

Year 12 Day 19 9:20
This actually happens to me every single time I travel.


Year 12 Day 34 21:07
Has anyone experienced this happening for longer than 3 minutes? This morning I was travelling on foot and it repeatedly reset to 59 seconds for several minutes. I entered and exited a facility to stop it. Now, I am traveling with sublight engines from one square to another, and it has now reset over 6 times.

Year 12 Day 34 22:43
Christian Hall

Happened to me too, I was to lazy to worry about it and just hit refresh over an over....:)