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Archives » Hidden bases? Sneaky places?
Year 12 Day 20 9:26
Ok. So I've heard many a person speak of having or buying or owning a "hidden base" or something similar. Frequently, such places are said to exist in "deep space" or in systems outside sectors.

My question is, how does one go about getting to one one of these sectorless systems? Where are they? I can't see them on my hyper-travel map.

I could be completely mistaken, however. Really, any info on sneaky spots for stufff would be appreciated.

Year 12 Day 20 9:47
Ka`rla Leakey

Any deep space spot can be reached by just typing in its coordinates on the jump screen. The sectors are just there as pre programmed destinations effectively.

Year 12 Day 20 10:03
As Ka`rla mentioned you get to them just by selecting the coordinates. So anywhere in the galaxy really=D You'd be lucky to find one without knowing it where it is, there are millions of combinations for the coordinates.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 12 Day 20 11:27
There are exactly 1,002,001 squares on the galaxy map. So they are correct in saying you will be unlikely to find one at random.

Year 12 Day 20 13:29
Raydan Mark

But..are there really such hidden bases and/or systems??

Year 12 Day 20 13:33
Ka`rla Leakey

The word hidden is a misnomer. All systems are accessible, they are only hidden in that you cannot view a system containing just a space station from the galaxy map and the owners generally don't publicize the locations. If you fly to the system you will see them sticking out like a sore thumb.

No system is actually hidden anymore, but deep space is not a system. To preempt the next question there are no planets in deep space as they are all in systems.

Year 12 Day 20 13:50
Raydan Mark

Where is that "deep space"?

Year 12 Day 20 14:05
Olan Kaabe

Any "system" coordinate with nothing in it. To get there go to Ship Controls -> Hyper -> Type in the destination.


Year 12 Day 20 15:53
Deep space is anywhere without planets really.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Year 12 Day 20 17:30
Deep Space is any galactic co-ordinate that isn't named (like Tatooine is named etc).

As for hidden, people could put asteroid hideouts there, so not only would you have to be in the same system as the station, you would have to visit each square with a sensor 8 ship to see it (higher sensors and you can skip some squares, but would still take a long time ot check).


Year 12 Day 27 16:05
Ah ok, thanks for the info. It clears up quite a bit.