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Archives » Why am I hauling more than I get?
Year 12 Day 20 12:30
Olan Kaabe

So a friend and I have decided to build X-ceptors in a factory. I looked up RM prices and weights for the X-ceptor.

Apparently, I'll be hauling 4,398 TONS of RMs to produce a ship that weighs only 30 TONS. How is this in any way balanced?

Curiosity struck me. I looked up knives (I know they're only 'NPC-shop buyable') I would have to haul 100 TONS for a batch that weighs a mere 12kg.

Next I checked PRs. While it is the most balanced of the three, it is just as outlandish. I have inquired as to the weight of my current residence (closer to the Semi-Detached House) and the reponse I received was approximately 50 tons. My school weighs as much as a PR.

How is this reasonable/balanced and where do the extra 4,368 TONS of RMs in my X-ceptor go?

Thank you for your time.

Year 12 Day 20 12:52
Ka`rla Leakey

Just as in real life quite a few materials are lost in the production process. In swc ships do not use fuel, and power generators need no maintenance either, so it is not unreasonable to assume that some materials should be lost firing furnaces, being thrown away as offcuts etc.

Maybe come R&D one option will be to reduce material costs, who knows?

From a game mechanic point of view though, we have material equation based on stats so nothing will change as balance is being kept.

Year 12 Day 20 17:35
If you think about it, a lot of that sort of stuff doesn't make much sense. It works, and unlikely to chance, so probably best to just ignore it.


Year 12 Day 20 20:28

Year 12 Day 21 15:54
Olan Kaabe

Clarr, I'm really quite confused as to how that relates to this, so please enlighten me...


Year 12 Day 21 16:14
Try watching at 11 seconds in.

Year 12 Day 21 16:50

Homer Simpson wonders how the pins are restacked after a strike during some bowling. The clip walks us through that process: Once the bowling pins are knocked over, they are carefully removed from the building of the bowling alley and discarded to the trash piles outside made of other bowling pins.

Then, in order to create and re-rack the bowling pins (after all, the game must go on!), the process of making entirely new bowling pins begins! An entire tree is sawed down for presumably one pin, before it is painstakingly mechanically-painted, hand-painted, passed for quality, then moved to a machine which racks up the brand new bowling pins!

It is a clip that is funny because it takes the absurd (throwing away something perfectly good) so that the entire manufacturing process can be done (in a hilariously inefficient way!) to re-rack something as simple as bowling pins!

How this relates to your question: It is a metaphor for a process that is both material and labor intensive for a very small outcome.

Get it? No? Figured as much.

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"I like Justin Beiber Mash-Up's the best" is what I keep telling myself.

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Year 12 Day 21 17:10
Olan Kaabe

I see. My apologies.


Also, remember that you're hauling raw materials... it's not refined Meleenium, but what's just been mined.

Just think that your factory refines the RMs you need before using them, getting rid of all the slag that comes with the ore.


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Just don't think about it, we don't have to invent rational explanations for the way things are as long as it works for the game.