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Archives » Drug DCs and Custom Image of them...
Alexander von Ismay

I can't seem to be able to set the picture for the drug data cards.
I would imagine this is because this is for the fact they are "counterfeit" Medical, and should look identical.

However, for RP, shouldn't they also be able to also remain death sticks?
The fact they change to healing sticks doesn't bother me. I don't traffic them as fake bacta as they were meant, but as what they are, drugs.

I just don't really want to have to use CPs to set images on each one, when I could do it at time of production for a lower cost? Am I over looking it? or is it impossible, do to their change to healing sticks? (Then shouldn't I be able to change the healing stick image?).


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Dont do drugs kids >_>



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Rock on Lex. Admins, move upside and let the man go through.


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I was hearing that the DC custom system was having problems. Like appearing. So that could be a possible case.

There should be an option in the DC page of the faction inventory. However, as Jevon mentioned, it appears that it was lost in one of the recent syncs. You'll just have to wait for one of the coders to fix it back up again. Or for another sync if its already been fixed.


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Alexander von Ismay

Thanks Lilith :P
Thanks Drexy <3

and thanks Jevon, Ellias and Zero. I wasn't sure if it was a bug, or the fact that my items aren't like most items... since they change from deathstick to healing sticks.

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