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Archives » Squads and equiping NPCs questions
Eshini`el Sandhawk

This topic is for questions relating the just implemented 'squads' and 'equping NPCs' features and rules.

First things first;

Huge thank you to Clarr, Sin and all the team working on these new features!

So I have a quick question -

1.When we hire new soldiers now, do they go with some basic equipment or naked?

Edit: 2. With unlimited ammo, if I give 1 grenade to Grenadier NPC, will he be able to throw unlimited grenades?


Edited By: Eshini`el Sandhawk on Year 12 Day 24 6:39
1. I'd say that they come with nothing. Makes sense since all the weapons pretty much are player made.

2. I wonder if grenades and explosives and all that will become utility items rather than weapons? I think they still need to fix them as all those sorts of items seem to require ammo, even though they themselves are teh ammo.


I'd imagine explosives are exempt seeing as they don't need ammo - they are the ammo. They're a single-use item, so I doubt they'd be infinitely reproducible in a trooper's hands.


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