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Year 12 Day 24 13:37
Christian Hall

Since your new character has no relation to your old character (the server does not recognize family relations, even if you choose to roleplay as the family member of your old character), your old character's assets cannot be returned to you.

I've heard people say that if you die, come back and get your stuff back you are breaking the rule. Now I agree, but it seems like there is some confusion.

Scenario A:

I die and my Yt-200 gets sent to the market. When I get back strangely no one has bought it yet, and I'm in a position to buy it.

If I buy it am I in the wrong?

Scenario B:

I die my ship goes to the market. I come back, and go work for a guy for a few months. As a reward He gives me a ship. Turns out it was my old one.

Am I breaking the rule for keeping it?

Scenario G:

I die my ship goes to the market. My friend snatches it up.
I'm back and my buddy gives it to me for free.

Am I breaking the rule?


As far as I know Scenario A&B are fine, but C isn't.

Please explain/ Show I'm right.

Year 12 Day 24 13:59



Its a pain, but thats the rules. I kept track of all ships with my prev chars owned just in case so I don't buy stuff I can't own=P

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Year 12 Day 24 14:03
A is iffy. If you're buying it because "hey, a ship for cheap!" then technically no. If you KNOW it's your ship, you're breaking the rules. Don't think we really need to worry about this scenario happening though.

B isn't breaking the rules, provided neither of you knew it used to be your ship.

G is outright breaking the rules.

Year 12 Day 24 16:54
If you buy or are given a YT-2000 that used to be yours without knowing it is such, then you're probably in the clear... but if an ASim catches you, you better have a good story. You'd be better off getting another one, or trading it away (maybe one of those "I need X closer to Y, let's switch" threads?).

But yes, Scenario G is illegal.


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