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Year 12 Day 29 20:00
I just spawned on the planet trandosha which to my dismay is actually shielded. I have contacted the governor of the system and am waiting for his response. The NPC shuttle is removed and if he doesnt give my pickup access what do i do? will i just be stuck?


sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 29 20:30
I don't understand what you mean by the NPC shuttle is removed, the city of Trandora has a NPC transport in the starport there.

Year 12 Day 29 23:25
i mean the shuttle service to take me to orbit, i guess i didnt realize i could just NPC transport to another planet


sham ba Lu mi lowe
Year 12 Day 30 0:08
Dan Hakim

I'd suggest you arrange to meet your pick up on the closest planet with another starport (I think Kashyyyk is closest but don't know about shields). Your NPC shuttle can go through shields without needing permission.


Year 12 Day 30 0:58
Darian Dash

Kashyyyk had a partial shield last time i was there and i had to cross terrain a few times to get to the main city.

That was 3-4 months ago so there could be more since then.


Year 12 Day 30 4:27
Ithor is unshielded, you should be able to use NPC transport to get there and have someone pick you up.