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Year 12 Day 31 4:04
Korvas Varik

I checked a few different sections of the rules page for clarification. My apologies if I missed it but I know I can move ships with tractor beams and have been told the same can be done for stations. My question is, can I travel in hyper with said station? I would rather not make the 14+ day trip to find out I can only move it around the system it is in.

Year 12 Day 31 4:24
You can't move it at all.

Year 12 Day 31 4:30
Korvas Varik

Damn. Thanks for saving me the trip. Wanna buy a station?


Year 12 Day 31 5:13
You can only dock stuff with tractor beams, but you have to be pilot or owner of those stuff you try to tractor in. Works with ships and stations (I managed to tractor LSC into T2 before, harder part was getting it out=P But Zhao did it=D), not sure about vehicles. Though can't say if it still works.


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Year 12 Day 31 5:17
It's not -meant- to with stations. And most ships, short of SSDs, don't have room for stations.

Year 12 Day 31 11:17
Alexander von Ismay

Most smaller stations (LSC, AH, XQ-1, XQ-2, SC1, SC2, etc) can fit inside the MTC.


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Year 12 Day 31 13:53


MSH and Lucrehulks, can tractor in stations and move them, though I don't recall hearing of anyone really doing so. Raises all sorts of questions about undocking the station that I really don't have the answer to >_>


Year 12 Day 31 14:18
Most people don't have access to such ships. =P

Year 12 Day 31 15:00
Alexander von Ismay

You know... I've always joked about sticking a station inside the MTC... but I have never got around to doing it... *ponders this*

*keeps the bug base link handy*

Wish me luck!


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Year 12 Day 37 0:13
The story of Karl Kitono, the Quasar, and the Trade Station... (That was you, right Tar?)


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Year 12 Day 37 10:31
It was him. Oh, the wonderful bugs of the past.