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Year 12 Day 31 4:40
Korvas Varik

I saw this option on CPM for adding a listing. Maybe it's just my dyslexia but I see this as being able to fill my bacta tank with Ryll. Is this the case? If so I know what I'm doing for the rest of my swc life

Year 12 Day 31 4:50
What? Praying that if you're really injured, you're not put in there to die? :P

Drugs were always meant to be used in such a way. Consider them tainted real bacta.

Year 12 Day 31 4:52
Korvas Varik

So.....I can fill my tank with sweet, sweet ryll?

Year 12 Day 31 5:11
yes you can, just don't go bath in it.


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Year 12 Day 31 9:03
Go read the medicine rules page. Will explain everything for you.


Year 12 Day 31 11:14
Alexander von Ismay

It's actually fun.
All my tanks are full of it.

EDIT: if you wish, I'll even give you the ryll.
I sold it to a now banned player, he never came and got it... so... it doesnt come with ownership, but its still able to be used :P

Edited By: Alexander von Ismay on Year 12 Day 31 15:01

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