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Archives » Release the Titans! (CP Ships) Well can you now..? It's 2011!!!
Can we have 'em now.. please???

is the admin team behind schedule or on schedule with the release of those ships..?

When did they promise you new ships in 2011? Why don't you stop whining and go get a job that pays decent enough for you to just buy something else?

And admins can see your IP address when you post anyway, so you might as well log in when asking these questions (Hans).

Also, it's not 2011 everywhere yet anyway.


Funny thing is that the Admins have never said when they would release them, just said that there are some coming. Most people have just presumed the new year, but the last lot weren't released bang on Jan 1st as far as I can remember. Be patient.


Well, with numerous OOC problems within the art team (theft, death, etc) Any release is stalled for the moment anyway. SO you will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hi all,

Thanks Mr admin's for letting us kind swc folk know the status of the impending release of the latest swc has to offer in CP goodies!

- Mr Wiggles

Shuji Shizuka

And admins can see your IP address when you post anyway,

- Mikel

It sounds like Julro talking in my head though :(

Wait, theft and death AND etc? Is this some public story I somehow missed or is this a private matter I dont really want to know anything about?

It is private unless the people want to release it.

Ms, Shuji Shizuka said "It sounds like Julro talking in my head though :("

now now Ms.Shizuka , I have all ready told you a good Doctor can help you with that .