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Archives » cant see ammo at location, how to pickup??
im at the spot my ammo is but i cant see it there and so cant pick it up,
how do i solve this??


Kain Eckert

I currently have the same problem in one room in my gallo.
Room (#15451069)

im on a planet surface
Centares: (322, 124)
Ithoon: (10, 0)
City: Lithalia (2, 7)
Ground: (1, 1)


Mika Noris

Quoting sim news.....

Sync Digest
(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 12 Day 24 5:39)

"Due to the level of complexity involved, we have made the difficult decision to remove Ammo as a feature for the initial release of Combat. "


Actually, that refers to the requirement of ammo in weapons, not the items themselves ...

so still no idea??


Kuro Neko

Your problem sounds a bit similar to this thread:

Questions for Admin ยป Missing items

Perhaps it's the same issue?


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its simular but not the same i think


No, it's a new issue as I have the same problem with a bunch of ammo. I went to repackage a bunch of loose 20-round clips in the cockpit of one of my ships (as they are shown in inventory and in the room travel screens) but they don't appear in the equipment screen when I click that tab.


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I'd guess that it has something to do with ammo not being required for shooting at least for now. Though I'd say it is odd. Has anyone checked the bug base for a similar issue and posted a new one if not? Likely the best result for resolving it one way or another.


Deakon Jarvis

Any more word on this?

I really like to know since have same problem as Andrew panzer

Funnily, someone questioned this in the help room, and Sin had no idea what they were talking about. So presumably no-one made a bug report? Anyway, now that Sin hopefully is aware of the issue, maybe he will take a look at it.


I have the same issue. I figured it was related to ammo functionality being removed.

Deakon Jarvis

I was the one who brought it up on irc, (I do not go on bugbase anymore due to the frustration of password/handle saying I dont exist but Im going off topic)