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Year 12 Day 36 3:50
I have noticed recently that a lot of HTML codes that used to work in the forums (such as colour for fonts) now no longer have any effect. Is this a bug, or something that is intended? Because it just seems silly for things like font colour to be prevented from being used.


Year 12 Day 36 10:15
Depends on how you're colorizing your fonts.

Everything else was intended.

Year 12 Day 36 16:20
Because YOU abused it. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

Year 12 Day 36 20:52
a style="color:#00FFFF"

Thats the code I was using - there are other colour codes in html? Odd.

And Clarr, don't see how I abused it. Especially as that code has been fine in the last year or 2 I've used it - heck wasn't even that much on the page either. The div code also seems ot have broken, but I don't believe that was being abused either - one place does not count as abuse methinks.


Year 12 Day 37 6:48
Look at the "font" tag on the right hand side of your screen when you write your posts then google how to use it.

They are obviously not allowing the style tags because they can be abused easily.


Level 5 Facility Operator
Year 12 Day 38 1:09
Thats the code I was using - there are other colour codes in html? Odd. 

The font tag existed long before the style attribute.