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Archives » New CP Fighter anachronism
Year 12 Day 36 11:37
Gorn Kindan

Is that me or there is a Duff can on the left side?


Year 12 Day 36 12:21
Ka`rla Leakey

Only question is where's the straw?

Year 12 Day 36 12:40
Gorn Kindan

A straw?

Is this college all over again?

Year 12 Day 36 13:38
[Jevon] Cockpits are chosen out of a folder of default ones
[Jevon] The beer can just happened to be there

Year 12 Day 36 21:10
One way to tell the cockpits of the Aurek and Skysprite apart :D

Year 12 Day 36 22:23
Hans Yond

looks like a mini pic of veynom on the right

Year 12 Day 36 22:53
Vrik Dakari

Cuz it is!!! SCHWEETNESS!!!

Year 12 Day 37 1:51
Deleted Post
Hans Yond
Deleted by Togan Jano. Reason: Completely inappropriate comment.
Year 12 Day 37 2:23
Hans Yond

is not his comment also inappropriate?

(maybe you just don't understand english to well..)

Year 12 Day 37 2:34
I see nothing inappropriate in his comment (and I do understand English well enough, thank you).