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Year 12 Day 36 23:22
I'm not sure who was in charge of my ban or whatever but it's been a while..over 6 months, and I'd like to unban Khameir Zerren if possible. If I remember correctly my brother was using my net to play combine as well and even though we were registred multi accounts for 2 years apparently someone thought it would be funny to ban us.

Anywho he's done playing but I'd like my account back if I could please.

Lemme know if its possible. I'd appreciate it so I can get back to playing Combine again :D

Thanks for reading
Khamier Zerren

Year 12 Day 37 3:19
You need to contact the admin that banned you directly, or make a support ticket if you are not sure who that was.


Year 12 Day 37 10:21
No Sir I'm unaware who that was. How would I go about making a ticket, the problem center?

Year 12 Day 37 14:17
The bugbase.

Year 12 Day 37 14:22
Actually, use the "Contact Support" link at the bottom of the right-hand menu.

Year 12 Day 37 14:30
Ah ha. They changed things down there a little. Proves how often I need to click on either.