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Year 12 Day 37 8:21
Jhoren Korbane

Oi lads.

I'm attempting to dock a squadron of fighters onto a capital ship just like ive done dozens of times, but now I get the following msg:

"The onboard computer has not had time to process the new information yet. Please either access the cockpit controls again in a moment, or exit the room and return. Control will be restored momentarily. "

What's up???

Year 12 Day 37 12:30
You haven't been correctly set as the active pilot of the ship you're in. Was it assigned to you after you entered it?

Trying exiting the ship and re-entering it.


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Year 12 Day 37 13:10
or the ship is not set in the correct piloted mode; check your pilot inventory and see if it has "Player" or "NPC" set.

Year 12 Day 37 18:33
Usually that message is given when you have been assigned as pilot after you were already in the cockpit. If its a fighter, you can either exit/enter, though just clicking on the room travel link should reset it and make it fine for you to use.


Year 12 Day 38 1:31
Jhoren Korbane

Cheers lads.

That did it :)