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Year 12 Day 37 21:14
I have been inactive for a few months and when I was last active a friend had boarded my ship and now doesn't log on. I asked in the live talk how to kick him out and was told (since i was not allowed to kick him out) either to arrest him or contact an admin. Since I can't arrest I am posting here for any help. He goes by the handle Paul Zack.

Also a small side note, I am also trying to retrieve sone personal items but one is on a player, Luke Trooper (who I believe is in active), and the other is in a building. I can't find the locations for either.. Any advice?

Thank you for your time,


Year 12 Day 37 23:35
The one on a player, you're probably out of luck for. Inactive or otherwise, there's not a lot you can do about it. For the facility, if you post the name in the Trader's Lounge on the RPG Centre, someone might be able to help you out (you can see other "looking for" threads for examples).


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