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Archives » how do you Submit a city design through the faction?
as it says in the description

how do you Submit a city design through the faction?

can anyone explain the steps

Not sure what you mean. If you need permission from a faction to build facilities, you have to do it one at a time. When at the city (you may even have to be at the location where you would start construction too) and attempt to build, if you do not have permission it will ask you if you want th request permission. Do that and it will generate a request for that faction. Then you just wait.


Ellias is correct for Faction building permissions, but the design you asked about is here:
In the city design page, there is a input out put for a URL (lower right hand corner)...
Design a city, lay down the facils and buildings, then Click the URL "OUTPUT" it gives the city layout in a PHP? number design, something like this Http://swcombine/citydesign/v2.v4v5v4v4v7v9v9v7v56v4v3v3v5v7v9v9v...ect

That is a city design code, copy and paste it, then send it to the faction you are asking for permission to build.

A faction will look it over (Copy and Paste it back into the box, click "IN" in the city design box again(from a faction or you), it shows the lay out of that city you just made) and see if there is the right amount of jobs vs flats. If they see it's correct then you use that plan to build a city once permission is given.

Hope that helps.

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