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Archives » Problem with ships and travel.
Year 12 Day 45 20:42
Pablo Igriega

Not able to move anywhere, and can only board buildings. In addition, my ship has disappeared from the location.


~Pablo Igriega


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Year 12 Day 45 22:57
First thing, what is the error message (if there is one) when you try to move? Or are you saying that there is no option to move? As for the ship, are you sure its moved? If you have been hopping between buildings, then its possible that the building you are in is no longer near where your ship was and so you cannot enter it from there.


Year 12 Day 46 5:18
Pablo Igriega

There is a message saying, "the room is not adjacent" when doing room travel, but it is right next to it:

Invalid movement: rooms not adjacent (667180, 667180)

On the ships page (where you manage your ships), it says the ship is on 4,9. However, I went outside a building, and nothing is on 4,9 and there is nothing there on the scanner

When I try to move (ground travel) its says:

An error occured: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`swc-prod`.`actions3_listeners`, CONSTRAINT `actions3_listeners_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`actionID`) REFERENCES `actions3` (`actionID`) ON UPDATE CASCADE) => INSERT INTO `actions3_listeners` SET `actionID` = 1479645, `entityID` = 1404226, `entityType` = 1, `interrupt` = 40, `options` = 0

After I go back to the room travel page, I am reset in the original building at the entrance.


Motto: Cheat when you can cheat.
Year 12 Day 46 8:36
AH. Well if anything has an error message like that its best to head straight to the bug base as there is nothing we can do to help - you'll need admin assistance to fic your issue. Usually those errors say to go to the bug base anyway.


Year 12 Day 46 14:28
Pablo Igriega

Can you please direct me to this bug base?

I cannot find it in SWC Formums.




Motto: Cheat when you can cheat.
Year 12 Day 46 14:54

Also, maybe it's karma because you're using a Republic Commando avatar like the other gazillion nooblets.


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