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Year 12 Day 66 21:51
Vrik Dakari


There's a few things you can do, but some of them are going to be restricted by what you've done so far in character. Have you joined a faction, or have you applied for one yet? They will more than likely be your first resource in which to resort to fo a quick rescue.

Another option is someone will be charitable enough to come and rescue you, as some people on here are actually nice. Personally, i would come as soon as possible and save you, but I'm in the middle of hyperspace travel and am on orders from my faction leader.

Third option is to pay for someone to come rescue you. You can post in the Commerce forum under the RPG Centre heading for any requests, saying how many credits or other assets you are willing to give. As well as posting there with a price tag on it, you can always just post there saying you need someone to come pick you up. Unless I am mistaken, this will be the most appropriate place to post this type of request.

Sorry I'm unable to come get you myself, otherwise I would. Good luck!

Year 12 Day 66 21:57
Akadama Satoshi

I'll try my faction. Thank you:)


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Year 12 Day 134 11:32
Wilhelmina Vandom

What happens if I go to the center of the Galaxy?

Can I go to the center?



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Year 12 Day 134 11:48
You mean Galactic Co-ordinates [0, 0]? It looks like it is in the Farrfin sector (at least with the current Galaxy anyway)

Year 12 Day 134 14:35
Vrik Dakari

I don't think anything spectacular would happen. Give it a go if you want!

Year 12 Day 135 14:47
Nothing special. Its probably full of ships and stations, because people could.

Year 12 Day 136 10:09
Ordinii Gotha

I have been at (0, 0) and there was a station at system coordinates (10, 10).


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Year 12 Day 142 12:19
Wilhelmina Vandom

How do I get tested for Force Sensitivity?



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Year 12 Day 142 13:13
Many factions offer Force testing to their members. I would start there as they'll know who to trust or recommend.

Year 12 Day 150 7:05
Never mind. How do I talk to NPCs? Is there a shopkeeper on Falleen?

Edited By: Kinsa Rha on Year 12 Day 150 12:17
Year 12 Day 150 18:19
To talk to NPCs you need to be in the same place as them, then click the + next to the list of NPCs in the position interface. Next to each one should be a Hail button - click that to talk to them.

Be aware that not all NPCs have a script so if it says there is no script, its not a bug, it just hasn't had one written yet.

As for shopkeeper NPCs, I am presuming you want that to buy some items? If so, you just need to be in the NPC Shop facility, and then click actions and the buy items button there - the shopkeeper doesn't have its script at the moment.


Year 12 Day 150 23:26
Is there a NPC Shop on Falleen then?

EDIT: What is the "Hail" achievement for? I hailed a few people, and didn't get it...

Edited By: Kinsa Rha on Year 12 Day 151 2:32
Year 12 Day 152 6:59
As part of the 'Homeworld project' all race home planets should boast an NPC city, complete with predominantly NPC-owned facilities (including shops) to help new players get started. Yellow District (5, 4) on the Falleen homeworld is such a place.

re: Galaxy Map - Falleen homeworld



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Year 12 Day 156 8:45
Wilhelmina Vandom

What's the percentage your FS chance increases with every level? I read the rules on it, but I can't get the equation.



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Year 12 Day 156 8:49
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Basically increases by half of the starting percentage every five levels.

Year 12 Day 162 11:30
Wilhelmina Vandom

Is combat implemented yet? I'd heard it was coming soon.



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Year 12 Day 163 2:36
If it's implemented then it's not coming soon. If it's coming soon then it's not implemented. It cannot be both at the same time :P

But no, it is not yet implemented. It will most likely take a while as most large changes do. Don't expect it within the next few days/weeks/months.

Year 12 Day 163 15:32
Nick Kalir

I wouldn't worry about combat anyway. They will probably start with basic other stuff before the combat. Things such droids and tools/items.

All you need to know for combat is arrest/execute. You should probably start reading there if you are still interest in killing others and taking prisoners. :p

Year 12 Day 163 22:02
Creature combat is due for initial release, PvP combat is supposed to be last

Year 12 Day 164 15:46
Tiali, you're wrong as usual.

PvP comes after PvC. The last combat phase to be implemented (last I saw the timeline) is space combat, so SvS.

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