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Year 12 Day 66 15:22
Daze Nebulis
Daze Nebulis
Is is possible to be a succesfull freelancer in the galaxy, any one known for doing so, reall intrested, i mean sounds a little probable i can go find some gear and just make my own name.Let me get some replies

Year 12 Day 66 15:32
Possible? Yes. Easy? Not really. Easy to start, be, and permanently remain a freelancer? Not so much.

Your starting credits won't get you far, and you don't have a lot of options on the planet you start on. You can save CPs to get yourself a basic ship, and then get started.

A better option is to join a faction, at least in the short term, and earn a paycheck for a few months. Then you can use that money to play the trading game to supplement your income (or even replace it if you want to quit the faction at that point), and they'll probably also give you the use of a ship, which will give you mobility until you have enough to buy your own.


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Year 12 Day 67 3:02
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
Or be a faction sitter. Earn credits on the side and still do what you want.

If you want some help in this game, DM me. We can talk more on this.

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Year 12 Day 67 9:40
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
It`s tough to learn the ropes. That`s why joining faction at beginning is best, at least to learn.

I started as freelancer, but had knowledge how things are working from previous character. And CPs for first ship too.

You could look around for groups, which lend ships for free or rent a cheap starting ship. Looking around for yourself for opportunities is what freelancers must do.

Successful at what?
Successful at earning credits on your own, is easy in my opinion. Successful at roleplaying, might be if you attend scenarios.
Successful at getting to know people is harder as freelancer, and large number of people who stay long in Combine make some friends.

People 'make their own name' from different reasons here.

Good luck :)

Year 12 Day 67 10:33
Freelancing is awesome. But being a successful freelancer requires independent wealth (plenty of credits, good ships to use for various things, social networking to have jobs lined up with lots of people, etc).

Basic skills and a little bit of asset buildup is good to do within a faction, then go freelance your bad self!

Anyone know for doing so? Me.


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Year 12 Day 67 14:57
Hey I do a freelancing thing. This game is faction-based so I recommend highly against starting out on your own. That will help you learn the game, meet people that can help you later, get in good with higerups that have access to the DCs you want and perhaps shipyard or factories to make things to sell, and maybe theyll gift you a ship or two to sell or use.
Depends where you go, depends how hard you try. But after a few years or so and a few dozen million credits you should be in a good position to strike it out on your own.
Also I find being freelance means hopping into a lot of other factions...
--Arch, out.