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Year 12 Day 101 16:29
Ordinii Gotha

I think we need to define high seas as atmosphere when weather effects are implemented, to ensure enough resemblance to the ocean with the aid of a random factor, to have piracy.

*Dang, shields. Let's go see a movie or something.

./funny business

Seriously though, would posting an exact copy of someone else's GNS be considered piracy of the more modern form? Bad example, but I doubt the SW universe is free from that sort of piracy.

Year 12 Day 102 0:01
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yes, our high seas are the depths of space, but the part you're overlooking is that lying to someone about paying them if they hit the makeover button in their inventory isn't quite the swashbuckling robbery on the high seas of lore.

It sort of fits like a motorcycle with training wheels fits the description of a car.

As for the other kind of piracy, I think there's several people distributing copies of planet stat calculators, so, yeah. Software piracy is alive and well in SWC. =p

Year 12 Day 103 21:57
Intresting on how everybody see's a pirate! Cause if stealing is being a pirate then we have alot. If there is a limit it starts from would petty theft start your way to be a pirate?


Arrested Day 85
Dead Day ??
Year 12 Day 103 23:35
Year 12 Day 104 14:58
I think pirates are 1)robbers


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