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Year 12 Day 66 22:33
Vrik Dakari
Vrik Dakari
Alright, I know I should probably report this to the bug base before posting this, and I assure the moderators that I will be after posting this, but I was also wondering if this was happening for anyone else. I'm trying to use a picture that I had made quite some time ago as my sig, and I have had it as my sig in the past. However, when I inputed the correct HTML tag for an image, an error message popped up.

NOTE: I just recently tryed making a few edits to my background and all that with the same effect. I think I've narrowed down the problem, but not entirely sure yet. I'll be installing either Chrome or Firefox to test my theory out, thinking it might just IE.

Here's the error message that appears. I went ahead and cleared the fields to make it so all of it didn't pop up in it, just so it wouldn't be so long:


Year 12 Day 67 5:52
^You should use that as your signature. Probably better than whatever you had planned in the first place ;)


Year 12 Day 67 6:02
Where are you hosting it? What file type are you using? What HTML code are you using?

Year 12 Day 67 7:57
Vrik Dakari
Vrik Dakari
Lol, that was good.

Anyway, I'm hosting on Photobucket, but I doubt that it's the issue. My avatar and the image I had posted were both hosted from the same account. I've tried using both .jpeg and .png with no effect. As for HTML code, I'm using the one that is on the right side of where you input text for a thread post. Although I have also tried the other that is simply IMG inside a pair of brackets.