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Archives » What can i get with 280 CP?
Year 12 Day 69 11:18
Drofdar Yort

What can i get with it and where do i go to turn it in for a ship.

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Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 69 11:22
A whole 30+ CP?
That might get you the starter button of an YT.

Year 12 Day 69 11:31
Drofdar Yort

LOL but where can i get more i try the surveyes but they all want me to download it

They might contain viures Why not do serveys without having to download?


Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 69 12:07
Vote, you can get upto 260 a day voting (not much, but if you vote everyday it does add up, plus, voting everyday will sometimes give you a weekly bonus:

Year 12 Day 54,17:00 The Top Sites System + 1,100 Weekly banner click fidelity bonus)

Year 12 Day 69 12:09
Zero Turner


Click on the following links every 24 hours, located at the following location


Be sure you vote on the circled links. They give 20 CPs, all the links supply around mid 200 CPs, at the end of the week you can earn a fidelity bonus over a 1000 CPs if you vote almost every day, this varies depending on how often you voted during the week. If you vote the entire week I think its 1270 CPs.

If you want to see CP costs for ships look at the following


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Year 12 Day 69 12:31
Shuji Shizuka

I swear I used to get 2000 cp's a week from the bonus...though maybe i'm wrong.


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Year 12 Day 69 22:55
Vrik Dakari

No, I think you're right Shuji. I remember that the fidelity bonus for the week was around 2,250, or somewhere around there.

As for the only question unanswered, you can go to any powered Landing Pad or Starport. Then when you are inside of it, simply click the link that takes you to your CP totals and everything, then click "Exchange CPs" at that section's header to see that the option to purchase CP ships with your CPs. Simple as that.

Year 12 Day 70 10:12
Do the math...

18 sites at 10cp's per = 180
4 sites at 20cp's per = 80


1820cps would be the maximum per week (on the click-sites). You may earn more doing surveys, but you do not get the fidelity bonuses from those.

Year 12 Day 70 10:21
Shuji Shizuka

+ 1,000 banner fidelity bonus.


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Year 12 Day 70 11:27
Year 12 Day 70 11:50
Additionally you may receive a bonus at the end of the week if you have voted for all sites at least once every two days. This weekly bonus is equal to your Top Site earning during the past week.
Example: If you voted 200 times during a week then at the end of the week you will get 200 x 10 = 2,000 CPs

- CP page

The example says 2,000 but it has never been possible to get a fidelity bonus of 2,000.

But, your normal clicking + fidelity bonus can obviously be well over 2,000.

The problem is that the fidelity bonus often seems to lose a day because of the times that people click.


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Year 12 Day 70 16:42
Actually those programs you can download give you a lot of CPs, REALLY easily. I have a really old laptop and downloaded every one of those I could find, and then I just dont use that laptop anymore. Theoretically I could even have set a restore point, and then reverted after downloading and getting credit, but thats probably beyond the golden rule more so than what I ended up doing was.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 74 10:03
Vrik Dakari
Year 12 Day 69 22:55

As for the only question unanswered, you can go to any powered Landing Pad or Starport.  

You also need to note that the Starport or Landing Pad must be "open to all" before you may utilize it. I have no idea why anyone would not set these that way so they make income from them, but I recently encountered two within one city that were not "open to all". Rather perplexing since I was going to cash in my own CPs for a ship to sell.

Year 12 Day 74 19:23
People will set them to closed because they may store stuff there and don't want a random person walking it and taking it. Income from them is not that great compared with what they could get paid by a faction (up to 10k or something for a landing pad).


Year 12 Day 74 21:29
Vrik Dakari

Well the bit about it being open to all came as a sort of obviation to me. But, since not all players will be as seasoned here as others, I guess I should have included it.

And "obviation" is a word in case people thought I was nuts. Its root word, obviate, is usually used as a transitive verb in the English language, but can have the suffix "-ion" added to it to turn it into a noun. In which case this word's definition would be:

An anticipation of past knowledge or exclusion of information typically made because of prejudged experiences by another party.

I don't know if that definition is entirely accurate, as I kinda just pulled it out of my head. It sounded right though, and I'm sure it's at least similar to the real definition.