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Year 12 Day 69 11:55
i want to know how to get creits, without a faction. i also wanna know some of the site slang, and what the coveted items are. i would perfer a message to posts.

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Year 12 Day 69 12:04
Zero Turner

To obtain credits w/o a faction.

Convert CPs to ships, vehicles, droids etc. Once you get a ship, you could also do small transportation jobs, but the credit market isn't too lucrative unless you have the larger ships to haul and the reputation that shows you can be trustworthy. But by buying and selling more and more goods, after converting CP entities to credits by buying/selling you can make credits then possible get facilities to bring in a stable income. But other than that, factions are pretty straight forward in earning a consistent wage.

Coveted items? Anything rare, i.e. Royal Guard Armor Sets, Lightsabers, ummm.... there's others too. Just whatever people feel like owning really, but there are many rare things that many would want but may be out of their price range.

Slang, not much more acronyms though:

WTB: Willing to Buy
WTS: Willing to Sell
FS: For Sale
FA: For Auction

Pretty simple, if you run across them just ask that person. There are also many acronyms used to describe ships.

Year 12 Day 69 12:08
It also always helps to read The Guide and the rules pages.

Year 12 Day 69 12:09
thanks a lot!!! ill try to get some cp.


Year 12 Day 69 23:22
Vrik Dakari

Just to help a little further in acronyms, or slang, here's a list of ones I've seen. More or less of course.

FS-Force Sensitive/For Sale (Really mostly depends on where it is being posted, will obviously be taken as "For Sale" in Auction House and Trading Lounge.)

OOC-Out of Character (Mostly used to distinguish between the two forms of character in RPs, although has other uses.)

IC-In Character (Same comment as above.)

FA-For Auction

WTS-Willing to Sell

WTB-Willing to Buy

WTH-Willing/Want to Hire

FH-For Hire

TBA-To be Announced (Like RP start dates or auction end dates, that sort of stuff.)

DM-Darkness Message

PM-Private Message

I'm not too sure the difference between a DM and a PM. As I understand it, DMs are messages sent using the Message Network, while PMs are through e-mail. I'm sure someone will answer that here as well, and I'm curious to see if my assumption is correct.

Year 12 Day 97 13:05
Hey i made a handle name called Jonathan Storm do you think that will be rejected?

Year 12 Day 97 13:36
Vrik Dakari

Don't see why it would. Welcome ahead of time!

Year 12 Day 97 15:53
Don't ask the same question in more than one thread, let alone threads not related to the topic at hand.


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Year 12 Day 98 17:43
Jonathan Storm

how do you stop a npc while its flying a ship

Year 12 Day 98 18:19
NPCs don't fly ships at the moment. I can only imagine you are talking about the NPC transport system, in which case you cannot stop it and must wait untl you reach your destination.

And please make new threads for a new question, not post randomly in others threads that have no relation to the question you are asking.