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Year 12 Day 72 21:06
I'm pretty sure that this character has been under arrest for a year or so but when I try to drop him, it won't let me. Normally, I wouldn't have cared and just found someone on IRC to give me a hand but I can't access IRC at this time, so, posting here.


Year 12 Day 72 22:11
Interesting..an Arrested char should have dropped after 2 weeks. What does it say when you go to drop the char to NPC?


Edited By: Skeltsco Ofsseto on Year 12 Day 72 22:13

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Year 12 Day 72 22:25
It shouldn't "have dropped", it simply should give him the option. And isn't it 3 weeks?

Regardless, it sounds like a bug, so if it gives an error message, post a bug report. If it doesn't give an error, the best course of action is likely to first Contact Support so they can verify your issue.

Year 12 Day 73 2:52
Azhrarn Amaratha

are you arrested (as in do you see those bars across yer portrait) or are you left locked up in a room?
I would assume the system doesnt count a character without stuncuffs but merely locked up behind a door as arrested.


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Year 12 Day 73 22:22
Try dropping now.

Year 12 Day 74 9:49
Worked. Thank you, Clarr.