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Archives » Attempting to make an account in the same house as an existing member

My application got rejected because of this, so I was wondering how I would go about being able to sign up and play? My friend (house mate) got me really interested so I wanted to check it out. I applied for a name (Ben Badbonji) and started reading through the guides etc.

Got an email saying my application was rejected for "multi-account" usage or something similar, so I would like to solve this and be able to play!

So if anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


You and your house mate would have to register as multis.


He had his account first, and registered way before I did. Can he still change his account to multi afterwards? When I signed up I put his name as the other multi.

Yep. From the rules:

Every member of the combine may only have ONE character. Registering more than one character, logging into someone else's account, or giving your character to someone else in order to create a new one is PROHIBITED. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the Combine.

If you are sharing your computer or internet connection with other persons that are also members of the Combine, you must register all accounts by using the "contact support" link - this includes handles and the email addresses of all players using the computer. Players who are sharing a connection are no longer restricted to the same faction or freelance, and may join any faction they desire.


I emailed them yesterday when making the account, but all I gave was his username. I will find out what email address he used when signing up and will attempt again tonight.

Thank you for your help!


Ok he sent an email to change his account to multi user. Apparently there is a form to fill in for it too? I am not sure where this is...

All I did when signing up was provide his in-game name as it was asked in a field.

All I did when signing up was provide his in-game name as it was asked in a field. 

This should be all that's required, unless the person handling multi-accounts saw something else suspicious. Or somebody clicked the wrong thing, which happens occasionally (we are, after all, only human).

Put in another application, with his handle in the multi field, and wait to see if you get a response to your e-mail.


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I signed up again (with a different name - this one is much better) so I will wait for a response!

Thank you :)