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Archives » Wats a good way 2 make credits on SWC?
Wats a good way 2 make credits on SWC?


Pat Wilcher
Join a faction, and get involved in trading :)

CPM is a great place to start your involvement in the trading community, as well as IRC trading channels.

Xu Xlaar Vivan

Start spelling wat as what also helps.....

Like said before me, trading and getting into a faction are great ways to make money.

You might also want to save CP (combine points). Right under your level you see a little CP then a green(ish) 0 (unless you have already voted). Click it and vote on the websites you see there.

Vrik Dakari

Like Xu said, spelling is just one thing that can open the doors to more credits. (possibly anyway) Be sure to spell stuff right, "what" is not spelled "wat" in any foreign language as far as I know, with the exception of English equivalent SMS text speak. Unless of course you left out a "t" in that word rather than an "h", but I feel we'd be even more confused with that. Instead of using numerical figures to substitute for a word, just take the three extra seconds to add in only one more measly character than the number "2" requires. I mean writing/typing "to" instead of "2", especially if you want to be taken seriously.

Now, to not be a complete d-bag, I will shed some wisdom on the credit earning business. There are several good ways to earn credits here on Combine, which I've gone ahead and listed below:

1.) Join a faction. Factions are required to give their active members a salary in the form of either monetary or asset gain. This meaning, if you are an active member of a faction, you will receive credits or items such as ships, vehicles, droids, etc.

2.) Start Trading on Centrepoint Market (CPM). This is one of the easiest ways of earning credits. Simply create a CPM account, and start selling your wares. Now, starting off you may not have a lot of credits to spend on stuff, which is understandable. So, what you'll want to do is purchase assets over CPM that are cheap or affordable, and then sell them for more than what you bought them for. i.e. I bought a ship for 3 million credits, then turned around and sold it for 3.75 million credits.

3.) Start racking up CP's (Combine Points). Another popular way of earning credits fast is through the CP Exchange. Every time you either vote for Combine on one of the provided sites or donate money to them through PayPal, you receive Combine Points in exchange for doing so. These can then be used to purchase ships, droids, vehicles, etc., which you can then sell on CPM (see above). This is a very popular and effective way of getting credits because no credit purchases are required. Just earn enough CP's to buy an entity, go to any powered facility that said entity requires you to be at, exchange the required CP's for the entity, make a listing on CPM for the entity, and either sell it right away or list it as an auction. That simple!

4.) Start trading in the Trading Lounge and Commerce RPG Centre threads. This is another way to sell what you have to offer, only you will not be able to have a reputation on CPM by making your listings here. More often than not, special custom made items are for sale here by numerous people.

5.) Make a custom item or art shop. Although this will most definitely require skills in Photoshop or some other image editing program, it is a very reputable way of earning credits. All custom images can be applied to entities or turned into entities themselves through the CP Exchange System (see 3.), so will require a bit more work on your end. Custom work is very sought after on Combine, whether it be special items that are not found in-game normally or a custom "paint job" on someone's ship. So this type of work will receive a large amount of credits. Some very smart sellers even provide the entity in which the work is meant for, meaning they will sell a custom made ship's art along with the corresponding ship.

Although there are also many more lucrative ways of earning credits that I may not know of, those are some of the most effective means of making a living here. Glad I could help, and good luck!

Vrik Dakari

Just another thing I forgot to mention is using the Gambling Hut forum. You can create your own game like people have in the past or just make a raffle for some entities you wish to get rid of. When you start a raffle up, be sure you make it so the ratio of tickets sold and price to entity's average CPM value, is more than 1:1. This meaning you'll want to start an auction that will produce more money than what you'll lose. To better explain this, I'll provide an example:

A Playing Character (PC) in Combine has a Skipray Blastboat that he has decided to get rid of. Rather than selling it on CPM, he's decided that he would like to open up a raffle for the ship that has the potential to earn more money than an auction on CPM would produce. The average CPM Market Value for a Skipray is just over 4.75 million credits. So, the PC therefore must sell enough tickets at a high enough price to earn them more than 4.75 million credits in order to turn a higher profit. Below is a possible way they could set this up:

Skipray Raffle!

Today I would like to offer to you a fine Skipray up for raffle. Tickets will be 150,000 credits each and 35 will be sold. Good luck!

Now, this is only a loose example that I have completely just improvised. If this raffle were to happen, and every ticket were to be sold (which very rarely occurs), then if you do the math the raffle holder would earn themselves 5,250,000 credits, well above the CPM average. That is why certain ticket purchase deals are then offered, such as the first poster gets a free first ticket, buy two get one free, first three posts get one ticket free when they buy one, etc. For a raffle to be more successful, then these ticket deals are highly recommended. As well as this, you want to be very sure that you will turn a positive profit from making ticket deals, and you want to make sure ticket prices and total amount of tickets are reasonable. No one is going to take part of a raffle that has 100 tickets at 100,000 credits each, but may take part in one that is 50 tickets at 200,000 credits each. It is important to make the totals look fair, even though it may not be at all.