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Year 12 Day 73 17:16
When i'm training npc's on ithilileron my party npc's get a total of 42 exp per trip around the city every 2 hours, but for some reason my squad npc's only get 3 ex per trip around the city every 2 hours? I was wondering is this a glitch or does it have to do something about squads?

Year 12 Day 73 22:21
They sent me a DM and told me they were tired of walking around in circles.

Year 12 Day 73 22:34
i'm sorry but what do you mean, by them and walking in cirlces?

Year 12 Day 73 23:20
Ah believe the question is: why does the Squad only get a around 1/10th the exp of full party members doing the same thing?

You only got 42 for going to all 4 corners every 2 hours? You must have a very high Speed, or a very small city, as at Speed lvl 1 it takes 5.25 hours to walk 21 squares (or at least it did the last time ah took mah NPCs walkies)

Year 12 Day 76 15:44
Serevok Khalid Dakelh

He means that everyone is doing the same amount of walking, 20 spaces per 2.5 hours with a speed skill of 1, but for some reason the remote NPC squads are getting shorted by a significant amount on their xp gain.

If it's that way on purpose, I don't see why that is. It's a slow enough process as it is earning 20xp every trip for weeks to gain a level. They max out at level 3 and it does take a significant amount of time investment on the players part as they still need to be there in person and direct the NPCs.

It needs fixed in my opinion.


"Always outnumbered, never out-manned"
Year 12 Day 76 17:34
NPCs don't have a maximum level (other than the database field maximum) - they can get all the way to the max level (255) if you can be bothered to put in the effort and time.

If you are referring to the 'level' in the rules pages, thats only during hiring - they still come out as XP level 1, even if you managed to net a 3rd level NPC. Just means you get more skill points in certain areas.


Year 12 Day 76 18:15
Serevok Khalid Dakelh

Oh, wow, i never knew that.. I had always assumed that they capped out at 3. Huh.. well, still, my argument remains. Effort is involved and they should gain the same XP for walking, 1 xp per square traveled. :/


"Always outnumbered, never out-manned"
Year 12 Day 76 18:55
You could always swap them around after every rotation: swap the party members for the squad members

Year 12 Day 76 19:43
Serevok Khalid Dakelh

Insufficient, ma'am.


"Always outnumbered, never out-manned"
Year 12 Day 76 20:09
Until (if) the Squads get fixed so they earn the same amount as Party members, it might be the only way, at least the Squad members will still ge something until they get rotated into full Party status