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Year 12 Day 76 3:35
Do baseline Cathar have pronounced snouts or are they flat-faced like humans? Do they have distinct canines or have they simply got teeth like a human? I can't seem to find the anwser to these and its critical I know so I can decide which race my next character should be.


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Year 12 Day 76 4:30
Cathar have appeared in comics and games drawn in a variety of ways. Males are generally agreed to have pronounced tusks, but there do seem to be variations in subspecies, especially between short-haired (barely more than skin) and long-haired (normal fur) kinds of Cathar.

Crado and Sylvar in the Tales of the Jedi comics definitely had pronounced snouts and other cat-like features (and are considered long haired Cathar). Juhani, from the KOTOR game, had a far more human appearance (and is considered an example of the short haired subspecies).


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Year 12 Day 76 8:58

It really depends which you prefer. One variety has the pronounced snout, while the subspecies are more human.

And why another race change?

Year 12 Day 78 3:26
So would that mean that the image of a lion would be an accurate repasentation of a baseline Cather?


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Year 12 Day 78 9:23
I would say fairly accurate.

Year 12 Day 78 10:40
I always pictured cathar as appearing like the Thundercats, but that's just my take on it

Year 12 Day 78 11:04
Yeah, or Kerra/Vah Shir

Year 12 Day 80 21:56